Café Blanc befriends a new partnership agreement with Bebuzzd

The mobile app based loyalty program is a new way of promoting business for Café Blanc

Café Blanc befriends a new partnership agreement with Bebuzzd

Café Blanc seemed extremely confident in entering this tloyalty program alliance for other outlets, specially in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. Bebuzzd has come up with unique loyalty program concept that seems to be easy-accessible, cost-effective and quick to reach mass. As per Bebuzzd senior executives, "the new partnership will give Café Blanc the advantage of offering a friendly user loyalty program that is easy to use by both guests and employees".  “We are very upbeat about this new agreement we have entered into with Bebuzzd, which will give us the opportunity to offer our guests an extremely straight forward and user friendly loyalty app,” said George Abi Antoun, Operations Manager, Café Blanc. The strength of this alliance is support from Bebuzzd- which will assist in attracting people for better lucrative deal and target for more of  loyal guests to the cafe.

Mr George futher quoted, “Bebuzzd is giving us full control of the customer database with an app that allows us to recognize their customer behavior; gain their insights; and receive private feedback right through the manager app. The push notifications and consumer behavior tailored promotions are a unique feature. Another advantage for us is that Bebuzzd will provide us with professional photo shooting, video shooting, blogging, social media competition, gather guest data and promote Café Blanc’s pages on Instagram and Facebook--truly a noteworthy deal for a key brand like ours.”

The new app potentially attracts customers with customized vouchers, offers as per the their choice having 10 times higher redemption rates over conventional online coupons. this app has special features like—showing statistics, transactions, rewards, and points redeemed.

Atlast, Mujeeb Rahman, COO, Bebuzzd concluded, “We are offering SME businesses a powerful loyalty system that can meet all the business needs through one single powerful loyalty app. Our new partners like Café Blanc can now connect easily with their target audiences—retaining existing customers and turning new customers into loyal ones".

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