Explore natural and cultural attractions of Yemen (Video)

Explore natural and cultural attractions of Yemen (Video)


The Yemenis consider themselves the real Arabs from whom all the other Arabs are descended. Indeed according to ancient scriptures, Quran and some suggestive statements in the Talmud there is evidence of this. 

In ancient Yemen, named by the ancient Romans "Arabia Felix" ; Happy Arabia, there were 6 principal kingdoms: the Sabaean, Awsanian, Minaean, Qatabanian, Hadhramawtian, Himyarite. Sabaean was the oldest and one of the most powerful. Saba in Hebrew is "Sheba". Thus the fabled Queen of Sheba came from Sabaean kingdom. Queens in Arabia were common, and both the Bible and Quran refer to the Queen of Sheba whose real name was Bilquis!

Sana'a, the capital, is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Throughout in Yemen, Stone Age people left evidence of their occupation from 400,000 BC (Discovered in Tahama on the Red sea of Yemen). Bronze Age people from 2000BC had developed many agricultural settlements throughout the area. Foremost of these was Marib where a huge dam was built to irrigate the terraced fields found here. The Marib Dam is considered the greatest technical structure of antiquity.

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