UAE to host world’s first cultural summit

UAE to host world’s first cultural summit

 Government leaders and prominent personalities from arts and media from across the globe will descend on the capital for the World’s First Global Cultural Leadership Summit from April 9-13 next year at Manarat Al Saadiyat on Saadiyat Island.

These renowned personalities will be addressing the role culture can play in addressing some of the great challenges of our times. They will also explore how new technologies are changing the very nature of culture and cultural interactions worldwide with major consequences for education, economies, politics and virtually every other dimension of our lives.

The event is hosted by the TCA Abu Dhabi and presented in conjunction with The FP Group, publishers of Foreign Policy magazine, and TCP Ventures, LLC, a producer of artistic ventures and an advisory firm focused on issues associated with the arts and culture.

The summit will seek to bring together delegations (live and virtual) representing almost every country in the world to discuss common interests. It will try to create new collaborations and address in concrete ways challenges ranging from the preservation of cultural heritage to understanding the disruptions likely to be associated with emerging technologies.

It will discuss a range of related topics from bringing arts education to the young to finding new ways to finance the arts, from combating threats like extremism to developing public policies that promote creativity and social development.


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