Hidden Facts of Yemen

Hidden Facts of Yemen
Why the name Houthi?
Houthi are titled because they follow the inherit leader in the north called Abdul Malik al-Houthi, leader of Zaidi Revolution movement.
His family started to bash the Yemeni government in 1990’s for it’s for its calibration with Saudi Arabia and its United states, and demanding a more honest share in political voice and development of the country.
What Houthis want?
The organizer of the modern-day Houthi rebellion Badr-eddin Houthi was murdered by Saleh’s forced in 2004. At that time Saleh was the Yemen’s president.
They have demanded a great appearance in the government and say in a new constitution. They rivaled a plan to divide the country into six associated territory.
What is the current situation of Yemen?
Now, Yemen is the Arab moneyless country with 27 million people has the minimum life expectancy in this region.

The economic effects are driving food security emergency in the overall world.   

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