Relocation plan of US Israel Embassy

Relocation plan of US Israel Embassy
Donald Trump, US president is supposed to identify Jerusalem as the major of Israel and announce his intention to shift the US embassy to the city. Donald trump called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and more Arab leaders to notify them to his idea. He was warned by many in the Middle East and somewhere disastrous consequences the move would have on regional stability and any possibility of a long term unity agreement among the Israelis and Palestinians.
President Abbas warned of the critical consequences such a decision would have to the union process and to the peace, freedom and stability of the part and of the world, “ Nabil Abu Rudeina, the Palestinian president deputy, said in a statement after US president’s call.
The kind also warned Donald Trump of the risk of any decision that ran converse to the final settlement of the Arab-Israeli clash based on the creation of an independent Palestinian state with its East Jerusalem.
Pursing a separate phone call conversation with US president Donald Trump, Saudi King Salman also disclosed the US President “that any American announcement regarding the situation of Jerusalem prior to reaching a permanent settlement will harm peace talk and increase the tension of the area.

This statement a state run news agency SPA mentioned the king as saying that the kingdom supported the Palestinian public and their significant rights and asserted that “such a dangerous step is likely to inflame the passions of muslims arounds the world due to the great status of Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque. 

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