Jerusalem is now Israel’s New Capital –Donald Trump

Jerusalem is now Israel’s New Capital –Donald Trump
In 1948, US President Harry Truman was the first leader, who recognizes Israel.
On Wednesday night declared US President announce while the protests that Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This decision has been broadcasted by the press conference. He said that the world and will continue to do so. We will not have any role in the border conflict. Exhibition started the protest against the Arab countries before this decision of Trump. Meanwhile, the US has advised its citizens to avoid letting go Israel. China, Russia, Germany etc. countries said that this will increase the stress.
Israel tells the whole of Jerusalem the capital, while the Palestinians call East Jerusalem their capital.
 This area was captured by Israel in 1967. Here Jews, Muslims and Christians are sacred sites of all three religions. At Temple Mount, where the holiest place of the Jews, Al-Aqsa mosque considers Muslims to be Pakistan.
The UN and most of the countries of the world do not recognize Israel's claim on entire Jerusalem. At the same time, the closest friend of America, Egyptian President Abdel Fathah al-Sisi, described it as a dangerous step. France, the European Union (EU) has also expressed concern over this move of Trump.
Trump's decision has been opposed by 57 countries involved in the Arab League. They will hold a meeting on December 12.

More than 10 Gulf countries, including Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, have warned the United States. Palestine has appealed for help from nations of the world. 

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