Are you an expecting mother? There is good news for you

Are you an expecting mother? There is good news for you


The UAE government is planning to increase the maternity leaves for an expecting mother. This comes after some of the private companies have become lenient and decided to give more time to the new mothers. 

This is being followed by others as well. Dubai's employees are pressuring companies to increase maternity leave from the current 45 days provided.

Under current law, private sector businesses in Dubai don't have to offer more than 45 days maternity leave for women, after which they're entitled to a further 100 days off work without pay.

Public sector workers do get a slightly larger allowance - 60 days at full pay, followed by an allowance of up to 100 days unpaid.

However, maternity leave fluctuates depending on which emirate you're in. In Sharjah, both expatriates and Emiratis are entitled to 60 days of maternity leave, whereas in Abu Dhabi, only the public sector government employees are allowed 60 days.

If a woman has been working less than a year as well, she may only receive half pay during her period of leave.


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