White Tuffle Season Is Back At Cipriani Yas Island

White Tuffle Season Is Back At Cipriani Yas Island

 For all of you who explore the world through cuisine, this time of year signals something special; TRUFFLE SEASON! And, we are so excited to let you know that they have finally arrived at Cipriani Yas Island and are ready to be enjoyed.


The increasingly rare and coveted treat is back at Cipriani - solidifying its place as the official home of truffle season - and delicious shavings of fresh white truffle can be devoured on everything from pasta to risotto to steak for a limited time only, so make sure to head down and enjoy a night celebrating the ‘Diamond of the Kitchen’.

“One of the best ways to enjoy this divine ingredient is with tagliolini, which is best when sautéed with truffles, butter and oil and then given an additional helping of truffle shavings and parmesan cheese,” comments head chef at Cipriani Yas Island.

Each truffle season ‘gold rush’ is as elusive as the next, it is completely up to mother nature whether it will be a good season or not. Soil pH, weather, trees and moisture need to line up for truffles to grow, and ensuring they do is no mean feat.

All the way from Northern Italy, an Alba white truffle is the second most expensive thing you can eat - the first is gold leaf - and is only found in a handful of places around the world. The truffles themselves are hidden underground it's this rarity of being able to find them that makes it so prized.

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