Dukes Dubai given Snail of Approval

Dukes Dubai given Snail of Approval
This award is a recognition program for food producers, artisans, retail outlets, restaurants and cafes that demonstrate a philosophy of adopting earth friendly practices. These might include reduction in the use of chemicals, use of local and low food mile ingredients, preserving vanishing animal breeds and plant varieties, animal friendly practices, support of small producers, striving to create food that is good, clean and fair.
The Snail of Approval award is valid for 12 months and is not automatically renewed. Furthermore, after being awarded the Snail of Approval, the integrity of the restaurants is monitored through ongoing feedback from Slow Food members.
As part of the membership to the Snail of Approval programme, Slow Food Dubai also offers training sessions throughout the year to staff members of the establishments that have been awarded the Snail of Approval. The sessions will discuss the ethos of Slow Food and the importance of applying it when it comes to making daily decisions about the food that is purchased, prepared and consumed.
DUKES Dubai, General Manager, Tristan de la Porte du Theil,
“We recognize that, as a large operation, we have an equally large responsibility for the protection of the environment and we are delighted to play our part. We take great pride in the fact that we only use the very best quality, seasonal ingredients, which are sustainable and sourced from local producers, for our menus across our restaurants. We recycle our waste and also employ a composting system at the hotel.”


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